Benefits of Steam Bath

Since the dawn of civilization mankind has recognized the importance of eliminating harmful toxic waste from the body through perspiration. Over the ages various methods have been developed to induce heavy sweating without the necessity of strenuous physical exertion. In the ancient orient, health-conscious individuals built earthen domes that could be heated from the outside with burning wood, thereby originating the concept of the modern steam bath. So strong was their belief in the curative powers of these relaxing heat bathe that medical practitioners of the time advised patient to spend regular sessions inside the ceramic domes to purge their systems of the poisons that contributed to then poor health. Obviously that advise still makes good sense.

Steam bath which has originated from Finland has been popular among many areas especially north Europe, Japan, Australia, USA and now it’s popular in the world for its outstanding function; beauty-and-health-prevention and rejecting senility. The portasteam bath was produced in an excellent combination of ancient ways of bathing and modern science and technology.

Benefits of Steam Bath

1]  Discharging  Waste matters harmful to the body

PORTASTEAM with 25 to 45 degrees Centigrade makes you sweat from the core of your body thus discharging harmful matters such as lead, cadmium nickel, cholesterol, salt, lactic etc. This can help the body to resist illness.

2]  Lose Weight with Portasteam.

Use of  PORTASTEAM will help to discharge excess body fluid, subcutaneous fat as well as salt out of the body. This would balance your weight through the consumptions of the calories, thus controlling obesity e.g.

  • When u run for jogging in the morning , your body gets warmed up u start sweeting and simultaneously u lose weight
  • In winter the Oil gets hardned , you have to apply heat to make it into liquid form again , Oil is a form of FAT

3]  Lessen  Stress with Portasteam.

Stress occurring from the continued tension of the nervous system is a major factor to poor health. PORTASTEAM has the effect of expanding the capillary vessels and increasing the blood circulation, resulting in overall calming effect. The calm and comfortable environment will also have the effect of dissolving your  stress.

4]  Cosmetic effect of Portasteam

PORTASTEAM improves the metabolic function, stimulates the sebaceous glands, removes subcutaneous dirt and discharge the fat of the sebaceous glands. This will keep the skin moist, smooth and glossy.

5]  Exercise & Portasteam

For people who are unable to exercise regularly, PORTASTEAM presents the ideal solution. As 10 to 30 minutes use of  PORTASTEAM makes you perspire the same amount as if you had run for 2 to 10 kms.

6]  Digestion and Portasteam

PORTASTEAM stimulates the blood circulation and activates the stomach, liver and all other intestines. Therefore it eliminates chronic indigestion and promotes metabolism, thus preventing arteriosclerosis and the superannuating of the skin.

7]  Better kidney function magic of Portasteam

PORTASTEAM builds up the function of the kidneys to filtrate as much as 2000 times of blood per day and discharging the waste matters out of  the body. This is possible because PORTASTEAM unburdens the kidneys by discharging the effect out of the body in the process of sweating. Once you have had the use of  PORTASTEAM it will become apparent that your kidneys have become more active.

8]  Healing Soothing and prevention of Portasteam

PORTASTEAM gives great assistance to hemorrhoids by heating the body and the expansion of the blood vessels, facilitating circulation. It also soothes the painful part of any injury. It allows the movement of leucocytes, thereby strengthening the resistance to virus attack. It help the skin growth, thus reducing the recovery time of  an injury.  

Muscle   and joints recovering from bone fractures relax due to the heat, resulting in a quicker recovery of muscular function. You would be pleased of the preventing effect of RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, ARTHRITIS, ACNE, ATHLETES FOOT, DERMAL-DISEASES, LISTLESSNESS, INSOMNIA, LUMBAGO GENERAL ACHES AND PAINS, IMPOTENCE, PALSY, FLU, etc.