Personal Care


Portable, Folding, Light Weight and High Quality 

Requires no installation, no plumbing and no specialized electrical hookups.

Uniform temperature in the chamber and head cover for facial steam  

Fully Automatic with remote control with 3 stage temperature control

Can be used with Herbal Medicine and Aroma Therapy

Warranty : 1 year for all electric parts

  US buyers: 

  Price: $205 USD
  Avail 5% Discount


Portable, Folding, Light Weight

Fits in a small round bag

Steam generator with auto power cut-off and auto time control, programmed micro processor controller

Metal spring fittings



Swing Walker

8 speed 
swinging levels

2 speed vibration levels 

Special swing motions to relax and stimulate human body

Vibration board for foot massage to increase human immunity

Infrared heating 

Remote controlled

Blow-resistant ABS-synthetic material

Foot Massager

Auto shut-off feature activates after every 15 minutes of massage

Detachable fabric cover (with zip) for easy cleaning and better hygiene.

Massages your feet & ankles

Improve Your Brain Power

Promotes oxygenation and blood circulation in feet 

Energizes the body through Energy Meridians